Enjoying Mount Bromo Tour

Mount Bromo Tour is a paradise for climbers. Who is not familiar with this one slogan? Yes, it’s true for you mountain fans who are definitely familiar with it. Even those who don’t like to go visit Mount Bromo Tour to enjoy its natural beauty. Mount Bromo Tour in East Java is indeed one of the destinations for foreign tourists. Actually, not a few people intentionally come to Java just to visit Mount Bromo Tour.

The specialty of Mount Bromo Tour is no doubt in the eyes of new climbers and climbers who are already professionals. Mount Bromo is considered to have a track that is very easy to pass through, one of which is a jeep. To go to East Java you can use a train or two-wheeled vehicle and four wheels. If you want faster and can’t use a plane. Mount Bromo repeatedly because of its longing for the natural beauty that cannot be replaced by the beauty of other mountains.

In addition to the charm of its beauty, the Mount Bromo Tour has also been famous for legendary stories in the surrounding community. One of the stories is the naming of Bromo taken from one of the names of the god Brahma. Besides enjoying Mount Bromo, you can also enjoy other beauties. Among others:

  1. Meadow Savana
    Already often we do not find photos of tourists in the savanna meadow in the Mount Bromo Tour area. Savana Grassland is made by cliffs that are very beautiful and beautiful with their greenery. Because this savanna meadow is a vast green valley. Infinitely wide, when you are in the middle of this savanna meadow as if you do not consider Mount Bromo as a barrier from the savanna.
  2. Teletubbies proof
    yes right, these little hills were famous through cartoon shows in the 2000s. On Mount Bromo Tour you can immediately feel and take pictures in various styles. What a Beautiful again, if it hurts the day comes the light will further beautify the Teletubbies on the hill.
  3. Waterfall
    The favorite water rides on Mount Bromo Tour are the Mada Karipura waterfall. With a height of 200 meters, you will see the air fall beautifully and cause a roar of water that gives a sense of calm itself. Even in addition to Mount Bromo, this waterfall is often used as a place for photo season.

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