Mount Bromo Tour

Mount Bromo tourism in East Java is one of the tourist attractions in Indonesia which has become a favorite for tourists both in the local tourists and international tourists. Not only is the sunrise scene that is the main attraction of Mount Bromo, but tourists rarely explore many attractions around Mount Bromo. Uniquely, a variety of tourist attractions require a vehicle type 4 wd such as land cruiser, hardtop or Jeep Toyota to visit it. The Mount Bromo tour is indeed a fascinating thing. We can travel around the widely known vast sea of sand on Mount Bromo. These exciting tourist attractions in Mount Bromo are often overlooked because most of the visitors only visit four general locations such as Mount Penanjakan to see the sunrise, the Bromo crater, the savannah grassland, and the Teletubbies hill. This is a full article of places and attractions that you must visit if you are on holiday to Mount Bromo. It’s a pity that you have gone far in choosing a vacation to Bromo, but many tourist attractions that you miss. Your Mount Bromo tour will not be the same again after you find out about these places.

The first thing you should be doing if you are on Mount Bromo tour is to check every place of interest around Mount Bromo. There are Penanjakan 1, Penanjakan 2, Savanah grassland, Antigen hill, Teletubbies hill, Madakaripura waterfall, B29 Argosari, and the Whispering Sand. If you are doing a Mount Bromo tour, you probably do not want to miss those spots. Penanjakan 1 and Penanjakan 2 are known for its sunrise viewpoint. At this height, tourists will be able to watch the sun slowly rising in the east. Tourists can also see Mount Semeru in the south of Mount Bromo. If you want to go to these two spots, you are going to need a ride because the road is steep. Also, you will have to go from your homestay at three o’clock in the morning because you are late, you will miss the sunrise.

Mentingen hill is an alternative sunrise viewpoint. Tourists do not have to need a ride to get here, because the mountain is not as high as Penanjakan. Its located in the east of Lava View Bromo hotel. The other hill is Teletubbies hill that is very similar to hills in the television series Teletubbies. Madakaripura waterfall is located a bit far from Mount Bromo. Its height is 200 meters. Although this waterfall is not high, you should not miss this spot.

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