Jazz Music – Genres and Styles

Jazz music is an incredibly diverse style of music. Much like an ideal democracy, it does not discriminate on the basis of age, size, shape, personal background, color, gender, or class.

Add an elegant touch to your next project with this jazz royalty free music track. It features a bouncy piano melody and a complex rhythm.

‘Life Is For Living’

The genre of jazz incorporates many styles and genres. In the 1990s, artists like pianist Brad Mehldau embraced contemporary rock music, incorporating it into traditional jazz acoustic piano trio performances. John Zorn also took note of the emphasis on speed and dissonance in punk rock, and incorporated these elements into his free jazz style.

The development of modal jazz in the 1950s shifted focus away from chord progressions, allowing soloists to create melodies using only a limited number of modes. This helped musicians to improvise more effectively.

Research shows that jazz music is not only calming and relaxing for consumers, but it can boost their productivity as well. This may explain why it is popular in offices, banks, and hair salons.

‘Elevator Music’

Whether you’re riding in an elevator, sitting in the waiting room at your doctor’s office or being placed on hold while you call a customer support line, chances are you’ve heard this music. Known as Muzak, this incidental background sound was developed in the 1920s by companies like Muzak Holdings LLC and aims to unassumingly occupy spaces where people don’t come to listen to music.

Back then, according to writer Joseph Lanza, skyscraper dwellers were terrified of getting in these tiny boxes, and music was an effective distraction that calmed nerves and kept them from snapping their necks. Today, the soothing and relaxing sounds of Muzak have been used by businesses and organizations to promote their brand and boost productivity.

‘Intricate Guitar Melody’

Guitarists who specialize in chord melody often use a technique called fingerstyle. This involves using the thumb and index finger to play melody and chords simultaneously, and requires advanced dexterity. This style is best suited for intermediate players who want to add more melody and complexity to their repertoire.

The Godfather Theme is a hauntingly beautiful instrumental piece that has become synonymous with mafia drama. The acoustic guitar version brings an emotional depth to the piece and is perfect for intimate performances.

In jazz big bands, the guitarist plays a vital role in the rhythm section alongside piano and bass. A notable example is Freddie Green of the Count Basie Orchestra.

‘Indie-Folk & Jazz’

This acoustic guitar music has a beautiful organic feel that can bring a sense of life and authenticity to any video. It is copyright free and can be used in any video (even monetized) for no cost as long as credit is provided in the description of the video.

Indie folk emerged in the 1990s among musicians from the indie rock scene who were influenced by traditional folk music. This genre hybridized acoustic guitar melodies with contemporary instrumentation to create a unique sound.

The lyrical content of indie folk often focuses on themes like love and loss, the complexities of human relationships, and the experience of living in this world. Typically, the acoustic instruments are used to convey these emotions through harmonies and countermelodies.

‘Jazz Drum Track’

The drum beats in jazz music can vary from an upbeat swing to a soft and smooth feel. They’re also played with different drum accoutrements such as wood block, Chinese tom-toms and cowbells.

Instead of one- or two-bar loops, you get complete musical performances from a professional drummer in this collection. With the added phrasing and feel that you’d expect from an experienced player, these recordings are the closest thing to working with a live drummer.

This download includes a full stereo mix and separate stems for each microphone. This gives you more flexibility in mixing to match the timbre and dynamics of your own compositions.

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